Qiviut Yarns - Lot 832

This yarn is made from qiviut gently combed from the muskoxen at the Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station, in Fairbanks. It has been processed into yarn at a custom mill in Connecticut – Still River Fiber Mill. For more information on the mill go to http://www.stillrivermill.com/

Custom milling typically processes in small batches producing character specific to each run. Because of this no two lots are identical and, in fact, may differ considerable, so be sure to purchase enough from a single lot for your project.

The 100% qiviut and qiviut blends have all been spun in a 2 ply light fingering weight (lace weight). There is approximately 200 yds/1 oz skein producing a knitting gauge of 28-32 stitches over 4 inches on size 2-3 US (3mm) knitting needles.

Qiviut is well suited to lace knitting and open work. When looking for patterns look for a similar weight yarn (fingering or lace weight) with the same approximate yardage and gauge. This will help determine how much you will need to complete a project.

https://www.ravelry.com/account/login is a great site to look for patterns, many of which are free.

We will be building an inventory of patterns developed for our qiviut at this website. Check Back Often!

100% Qiviut

This limited supply of 100% qiviut has been minimally processed and is available in the natural color only. It is luxuriously soft and unbelievably warm, properties that are enhanced with handling. Handling also brings out the qiviut ‘halo’. Qiviut does not have the elasticity of wool so is best suited to delicate accessories like scarves, smoke rings, and shawls in lacy, open patterns.

100% Qiviut: $85

60% Qiviut / 40% Cashmere

This is a wonderful blend of qiviut combed from the saddle region of the muskox (this qiviut is lighter than qiviut elsewhere on the body) and it has been blended with white cashmere. The result is a naturally lighter shade of qiviut that retains the very best properties of both fibers. You have to touch this to believe the softness. There is only a very limited supply of saddle qiviut produced each year, adding to the scarcity.

60% Qiviut / 40% Cashmere: $75

70% Qiviut / 30% Merino

This blend produces true synergy. The qiviut adds the softness and warmth and the merino adds elasticity and strength. This blend is excellent for hats, more substantial scarves, vests and accessories, but works just as well with open lace patterns. Because of the high qiviut content, it will develop a beautiful ‘qiviut halo’ over time. This blend is available in four jewel tone colors: Tundra Red, Muskox Merlot, Bos Blue, and Taiga Teal as well as natural (blending with white merino results in a subtle ‘lighter’ natural than the 100%).

70% Qiviut / 30% merino: $65

Shades of Natural

All 3 yarns in the accompanying picture are considered a ‘natural color’ in that they have not been dyed. The blended skeins have been combined with white fibers in a 30% or 40% mix. The result produces a neutral with a lighter tint, a variation that is not always apparent on a computer screen. In the accompanying photograph the 100% Qiviut is the darkest and most representative of the natural color. The 70/30% is just a shade lighter while the 60/40% cashmere blend is noticeable lighter than the 100% , providing good contrast for color patterns.

Last updated: Oct 6, 2015